Skirting and Internal Doors


Skirting and Internal Doors

Another category of Joinery work we are able to offer is the installation of skirting and internal doors. We are able to work with all the different  materials currently used in the vast range of Internal pre-finished doors and skirting. We can replace existing door frames, architrave and internal doors or install full new internal door to replace external doors due to building renovations or extensions

Installing Howdens Skirting , Flooring and Doors

Below is a mixture of images capturing recent Joinery work by CL Joinery installing skirting and Internal doors during 2021. Most of the images show the installation of pre-finished doors supplied by Howden’s, also large percentage of the skirting pictures show skirting sourced from Howden’s – all of the materials were the preference of the customers. However CL Joinery are able to work with materials from all suppliers and aim to install the best materials which fit each jobs specific requirements. Also when installing products made from premium quality materials – it also requires additional specific tools designed to help the joiner provide a premium high standard of installation . We have provided a link to U-Tube video showing the installation of a prefinished door using a door jig and router at bottom of this page . If you are requiring a joiner to install your prefinished doors or any other premium door it is worth making sure you employ the correct joiner for the job who has all the correct tools to install your doors to the highest standard. 

Recent CL Joinery Installations

YouTube video from TREND showing how to use their Hinge Jig with a Router to professionally install premium quality doors