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Kitchen Installations

CL Joinery has extensive experience in planning and installing a wide range of kitchen units from all the major manufacturers and also a lot of the local independent suppliers. Due to us not been aligned with a single supplier we can offer unbiased advise to best suit your individual requirements, from past experience installing each manufacturers kitchens, we have knowledge of the positive & negative issues with each kitchen and able to make our clients aware of any issue which could impact their current solution.

At CL Joinery we understand that the renovation or refurbishment of any kitchen can sometimes seem daunting to our customers. Most customers are aware that multiple contractors across various trades are required when remodelling a kitchen, these can include electrician, plumber, plasterer and gas fitter to list a few. This is where a few customers can feel lost, you have bought your new kitchen, then been left to arrange the installation yourself. This is where CL Joinery can help, we can provide a one stop shop to project manage your new kitchen installation from start to finish. This would provide the customer with a single point of contact, then CL Joinery would provide all the other required sub-contractors and schedule them each at the required stage of the installation. Due to all the sub-contractors been dependent on the progress of the installation of the kitchen cabinets – we are ideally placed to schedule each contractor to carry out their work at the most convenient time to compliment that stage of the installation.

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