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Needing Local Wakefield Joiners ? Then you might find CL Joinery match your requirements. CL Joinery are based in Castleford, West Yorkshire, so we are ideally located to provide a range of joinery services also to the Wakefield District. Due to this CL Joinery can help with a wide range of domestic joinery projects.

A small list below documents a portion of services we provide. But our main area of business which we excel at is kitchen renovations. These include full new kitchen installations through to refurbishment existing kitchen units. Currently we have now started documenting our kitchen projects from start to finish as well as all our other Joinery work. A few of these images can now be viewed on this website, also we are in process of creating an extensive range of portfolio’s and photo galleries across our social media channels ,to provide you with a brief overview of the Joinery services we can provide.

  • Kitchen Installation and renovations
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Flooring & Skirting Installation
  • Ceiling Remedial work including coving
  • Door installation and replacements
  • Home office installations – fitted wall storage and shelving
  • External Joinery – such as fencing , gates and decking
  • Garden – Pergolas , Garden furniture

Local Tradesmen Near Me.

CL Joinery are multiskilled . Due to this we are able to provide One-Stop shop for certain Home Improvement requirements. However anything which is beyond our skillset we also have a small list of reliable Local tradesmen to fall back on. When we recommend any subcontractor, it is based on their reliability and also the quality of their work. You might find the subcontractor could be more expensive than some other quotes , but their costings will always be around the current market value for their trade. Obviously if we recommend any subcontractor we are aware that any issues with the subcontractor affects the image of CL Joinery. So our recommendations are always for reliability & quality instead of cost.

We can currently provide the following contractors when required.

  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Tiler
  • Plasterer
  • Decorator

CL Joinery Local Joiners for Local Community

Why choose us ? Small snippet from part of our company ethos is to supporting local businesses, we always try to use local contractors and source our materials locally where possible – which then hopefully goes towards helping the local economy . Carrying on from supporting the local community CL Joinery are now sponsoring Castleford Tigers Scholarship Player , more details can be found in the News & Info category or via this link Castleford Tigers Sponsorship

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