Wrens Kitchen Installation

Need local WREN Kitchen Fitter based in Castleford ? Then consider CL Joinery for your WREN Kitchen installation . The Image gallery below provides more reasons why to choose CL Joinery to be your WREN Kitchen Fitter. The images display the installation of Wrens Kitchen Cabinets from start to finish. The project is scheduled to take approximately x10 work days. Images of the kitchen installation are displayed below , this set of images capture the work carried out on the 1st day of the project. These show the removal of the existing kitchen cabinets until the room is totally empty and the walls are all back to the plaster , free from the previous wall tiles

Start of the installation of WREN kitchen

Continuing the kitchen installation process we start progressing from the now totally empty kitchen space, to been able to start locating the base units in their correct positions. The next few images capture this process 

Progressing again, once all kitchen base cabinets are installed correctly, then the required wall cabinets can also be mounted, allowing the installation of the kitchen worktops to begin

Next in the process after fitting the kitchen worktops, is installation of the gas hob and kitchen sink, both which require the new worktops to be cut so each of the gas hob and kitchen sink to be installed correctly. Additionally at this stage of the project the appliances can now be installed including extractor fan

Final Stage of WREN Installation

At this stage of the installation we are near completion. All doors and integral appliances are in place, door handles are attached, under cabinet lights are now installed, so are the under cabinet plinths which also contain lights are able now to be installed. Once all of this is now done, it only requires the last X2 jobs to be undertaken then the kitchen will be finally finished, these jobs been the wall tiling, then after that the kitchen floor tiling