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  1. CL Joinery Local Phone Number

We are currently updating our phone numbers to make it easier for our local clients to make contact due to this  we are adding a local easy to remember number to our contact details,  going forward this will now be the main contact number for the business. CL Joinery new local phone number will now be …

Number – 01977 23 93 23

Additional reason for changing the main business number to local 01977 prefix number is to help customers to easily identify we are based locally in the Castleford area. We also champion the idea of where possible to support local businesses and investment into the local economy.  Where possible we source all our Joinery and Building materials from local suppliers. This is why we urge perspective clients to consider using a local tradesman so we all help the local economy.

From the revamp of our contact details, we are testing various other methods of liaising with our clients. We will provide additional information shortly with other options of making contact with CL Joinery

For SMS text messages contact 07986 847782 , additionally this number can be used with WhatsApp to create online chats . Also we support a growing range of modes of communication allowing you to make contact with CL Joinery. More of these modes of communication are described in our “Contact Us” page , which can also be accessed via link below.

If you want to chat now or provide images of your requirements then WhatsApp is our preferred mode of communication. CL Joinery can be WhatsApp via 07986 847782 or via link below