WREN Kitchen with Quartz Composite Sink
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Kitchen Installer Castleford – CL Joinery | Yorkshire

Do you require a kitchen installer for the Castleford area , then CL Joinery is the ideal choice. CL Joinery are your local specialist Kitchen fitter. We recently have undertaken work installing kitchens from x3 of the major suppliers , these been Howdens , WREN and B & Q . So from these installations we have documented each kitchen installation from start to completion, so from this we created a separate image gallery for each kitchen installation showing why CL Joinery is the No.1 Kitchen Fitter for the Wakefield district . We now have a growing portfolio of various kitchens from the leading suppliers. These images now show various styles of kitchens & also different ranges of costs

Currently we are working on the installation of a WREN kitchen and we will have a full image portfolio of this project. This portfolio will show the progress from start to finish. This includes the removal of existing kitchen through to the installation of the WREN kitchen cabinets . From this we can show the installation from start to completion across 10 days. We suggest any customer who purchases their kitchen from WREN , to make sure you get a quote for installation from WREN. From this will then give you an idea of installation cost by a reputable Joiner. So when you start getting quotes well under the WREN costing , from a Joiner which hasn’t been recommended, we would proceed with caution & ask for images from past work. We are proud to display any of our work online so any customer can view our work. Additionally to this we have full digital presence with customer reviews so our work has to be highest quality. The full project can be now viewed via clicking on the MORE button below .

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Kitchen Fitter Castleford – CL Joinery | Yorkshire

Needing a kitchen fitter Castleford, then CL Joinery is your local specialist Kitchen fitter. Now we have produced image gallery showing why CL Joinery is No.1 Howdens Kitchen Fitter. We have taken images showing installation of Howdens Kitchen Cabinets from start to finish due to this, we have created a photo portfolio of the installation from this we have been able to document the progress. We have now been able to create a growing collection of images of various Howden Kitchens. So from this we have been able to display a growing range of different style kitchen cabinets. These we have setup separate pages displaying the differing styles. From Shaker to Handleless, then premium or standard made cabinets. These pages show a few of the Howden supplied kitchens CL Joinery have completed since January 2021. Keep coming back because we expect to have more kitchens to display in the future.

B & Q Kitchen Cabinets | CL Joinery
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B & Q Kitchen Installer – CL Joinery | Yorkshire

Images from client residential home capturing the installation of kitchen units supplied by B & Q . These images document the installation progress from start to finish. It first shows the commencement of CL Joinery creating the base units from the flat pack units. Once the base units have all been installed in the correct positions, this then allowed the fitting of the kitchen worktops. The full collection of images show why CL Joinery is Castleford No.1 B & Q Kitchen Installer. Complete progress of the installation can be viewed in the KITCHEN Category within our website. A direct link to this installation can be accessed via link button below displaying one of the installations. Additional portfolio’s are planned of more Kitchens which are supplied by B & Q. So from this you should expect CL Joinery to be one of the leading Castleford B & Q Kitchen Installer