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B & Q Kitchen Installer – CL Joinery | Yorkshire

Images from client residential home capturing the installation of kitchen units supplied by B & Q . These images document the installation progress from start to finish. It first shows the commencement of CL Joinery creating the base units from the flat pack units. Once the base units have all been installed in the correct positions, this then allowed the fitting of the kitchen worktops. The full collection of images show why CL Joinery is Castleford No.1 B & Q Kitchen Installer. Complete progress of the installation can be viewed in the KITCHEN Category within our website. A direct link to this installation can be accessed via link button below displaying one of the installations. Additional portfolio’s are planned of more Kitchens which are supplied by B & Q. So from this you should expect CL Joinery to be one of the leading Castleford B & Q Kitchen Installer

Howdens Kitchen Cabinets | CL Joinery
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Howdens Kitchen Fitter – CL Joinery | Yorkshire

Howdens Kitchen Cabinets | CL Joinery
Howdens Kitchen Cabinets installed by CL Joinery

We have produced image gallery showing why CL Joinery is No.1 Howdens Kitchen Fitter. Images showing installation of Howdens Kitchen Cabinets from start to finish due to this, We have created a photo portfolio of the installation from this we have been able to document the progress. From this we can show the installation from start to completion across 5 days. This is just one of the growing portfolio of Howden kitchens installed by CL Joinery . The kitchen is from Howdens premium style of cabinets and is part of the FAIRFORD range. This design of kitchen cabinets is classed as SHAKER, other modern HANDLELESS style kitchens can also be viewed by the button below . After viewing the portfolio of images you will see why CL Joinery are Castleford leading Howdens Kitchen Fitter

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CL Joinery Phone Number

  1. CL Joinery Local Phone Number

We are currently updating our phone numbers to make it easier for our local clients to make contact due to this  we are adding a local easy to remember number to our contact details,  going forward this will now be the main contact number for the business. CL Joinery new local phone number will now be …

Number – 01977 23 93 23

Additional reason for changing the main business number to local 01977 prefix number is to help customers to easily identify we are based locally in the Castleford area. We also champion the idea of where possible to support local businesses and investment into the local economy.  Where possible we source all our Joinery and Building materials from local suppliers. This is why we urge perspective clients to consider using a local tradesman so we all help the local economy.

From the revamp of our contact details, we are testing various other methods of liaising with our clients. We will provide additional information shortly with other options of making contact with CL Joinery

For SMS text messages contact 07986 847782 , additionally this number can be used with WhatsApp to create online chats . Also we support a growing range of modes of communication allowing you to make contact with CL Joinery. More of these modes of communication are described in our “Contact Us” page , which can also be accessed via link below.

If you want to chat now or provide images of your requirements then WhatsApp is our preferred mode of communication. CL Joinery can be WhatsApp via 07986 847782 or via link below

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Joiner near me | Need help finishing DIY project ?

Choose CL Joinery when searching for joiner near me in Castleford area

Joiner near me

Having problems completing the home improvements you started during lockdown, require joiner near me, Need help finishing DIY project! So it might now be time to request help from the professionals. CL Joinery have wide range of experience completing DIY projects which have moved from a basic requirements to more complex project when you first started. We are able to provide a vast range of services to complete any Home Improvement project.

These include…

  • Flooring and skirting
  • Internal and external door installations
  • Staircases
  • Ceiling and coving
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • External Joinery – Garden gates and fencing , decking & other garden furniture such as PERGOLAS

To request a free quotation use our contact page and we will be happy to oblige.  Also take time to view others opinion of CL Joinery by reading past Customer Reviews and find out what they think. For a broader idea of the services we provide view our image gallery which showcases past recent  Joinery projects which have been completed by CL Joinery. To find out up to date information regarding CL Joinery then browse our Social Media channels @cljoineryyorkshire  which we constantly add current information on CL Joinery and our services


CL Joinery Yorkshire | Castleford Joiner
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Joiner Castleford | CL Joinery

Joiner Castleford

Finally moving towards to the end of the year. Which everybody will be happy to see the back of. So from this a few of you will start considering completing some off the outstanding home improvement projects. So due to this you might require a local joiner Castleford to finish your DIY home improvement project

CL Joinery are ideally located to offer professional services to help with the more complex home improvement projects . Clients who require joiner in Castleford or a carpenter in Castleford – CL Joinery should be top of your list.

Castleford Joinery Services

Below is a brief list of Joinery Services we can provide.

  • Kitchen – renovating existing units or total replacement of existing kitchen
  • Bathroom – replacement of existing bathroom suite including tiling
  • Doors / Windows – replacing doors / Windows
  • Flooring – all aspects of flooring work
  • Skirting
  • Decking – garden decking installation
  • External Joinery – Gates & Fencing
  • We can provide remedial work covering most domestic/residential requirements.

If you need to discuss any possible requirements – click  on the Contact Us button or if you want to view previous Joinery projects from past CL Joinery clients browse our Image Gallery. Complete overview of CL Joinery can be found across their Social Media pages. The main Social Media channels can be accessed directly by the button below. CL Joinery Social Media accounts are usually @cljoineryyorkshire

CL Joinery Yorkshire Logo
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CL Joinery Yorkshire | Season Greetings

CL Joinery Yorkshire wishing Season Greetings to all our customers in Castleford, Normanton, Methley, Kippax, Garforth, Ferrybridge and Wakefield. We hope to see you all next year both old & new customers. When you start spring cleaning & realise you need a Local Joiner to tidy up unfinished Home Improvement projects – Remember CL Joinery Yorkshire should be top of your list

CL Joinery Yorkshire | Wishing Everybody Season Greetings


Wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everybody at CL Joinery Yorkshire

CL Joinery Yorkshire | Specialist Kitchen Fitter & Domestic Joiner
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CL Joinery New Website

Welcome everybody to CL Joinery Yorkshire advancing into the World Wide Web. We are currently working hard to complete our new website. Going forward we will now be able to engage with new and old clients. We will be providing insight into the everyday lives of all of us at CL Joinery.

We will aim to document a full picture of the wide joinery services we are able to provide. Which are available to both residential and commercial clients.

Please keep checking our progress and hopefully support us in the future.

CL Joinery Yorkshire | Castleford Joiner
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Welcome to CL Joinery | Yorkshire Website !!!

Welcome to CL Joinery | Yorkshire new website, we are currently working on making the final few changes, aiming to be fully functional by the end of December 2020.

Please keep checking our progress – However any immediate enquiries can still be left via the Contact Us page.

CL Joinery Website Update – June 2022

Now its 18 months later . During this time CL Joinery has gradually grown its digital presence. CL Joinery can now be found on various different platforms